Thoughts and Musing

Road Trip To Bataan

Last 16th of September, 2017, me and my team, in the new company I’m working with, decided to take one of our managers on a tour in Bataan, seeing as it is her first...


Types of Security Threats and What to Watch Out For

The Internet is a fun and full of insightful information, but with all of the benefits it can bring an array of disadvantages also follows especially when it come to ones own privacy and...


izombie fanart

iZombie TV Series [Fan Art]

I think I’ve started watching this show a year or so ago. How I stumbled upon it is kind of a blur, but I remember watching the first episode of it. Upon finishing the...


Elemental Series

A project I did in the past inspired by the four elements. This was done as more of a practice rather than an actual commission work, but I had fun doing it nonetheless.


Norsk Design

Frigjøringen av Norge Some character designs I did for the Norwegian Independence Day Celebration held every 17th of May. A day dedicated to the liberation of the Kingdom of Norway from Denmark. 


As an Aspiring Artist

I've created this site as a portfolio for most of my ideas ranging from traditional and digital illustrations, graphics designs to web development. This site is still going through some changes, but you can look around. If you've got any questions feel free to click here and I'll get back to you ASAP! Thanks again for visiting!