Best Landing Pages to Try for Your Business


Our society is becoming more active online more than ever before and as such it is imperative that you would want to increase the number of conversion in your site, having an appealing and engaging landing page could be just what you need. To aid you in keeping up with the times below are some of the best landing pages you should try for your business.

1. ChatBot Landing Page




One of the common trend nowadays is having interaction on your site the moment a visitor comes to visit. Having a chat plug-in in your site is one way to do this. There are quite a few to choose from so you may need to do a little research to see which fits for you.

To help you get started, one of the best plug-in to use is Zendesk Chat it offers easy and straightforward installation and its’ key features include; mobile optimization, active chat and ability to check the statistics of your site visitors.

2. Mobile App Landing Page



If your business offers applications for mobile devices having a landing page on your site specifically made to cater for this is important. This type of landing page should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also be informative to attract visitors to pay attention and ultimately try out your application.

3. Social Media Centered Landing Page



These days we can’t deny that most interactions occur online, particularly on social media, so if you would want to have a better presence in these platforms optimizing your site to be more focused on social media will give the boost you need. Take note that quantity over quality is important in this situation, so having accounts in all social media platforms imaginable is not advisable instead opt to have a few and focus all your needed time in growing and nurturing your clients in this.

With a better presence in these platforms, you can then add links to your posts, similar to how an ad works and link them to a welcoming page in your site where they could get a chance to better understand your business and hopefully turn them into possible clients.


4. Aesthetically Pleasing Landing Page



Using graphics instead of photos may work if a company would want to appear fun and approachable to clients. Illustrated graphics is a staple on a lot of major start-up businesses as it conveys freshness and an out of the box approach that a lot of major and old companies are typically unwilling to adapt. This gives your business a pleasing atmosphere, especially with the younger generations.


5. Long Scroll Landing Page



Having long scrolling landing page has become a recent trend due to the rise of mobiles and tablets and with it designing your site has become more immersive. Parallax enabled design coupled with a few animated elements will give your site the attention it deserves. The long scroll is great if you would want your users to see all the information of your business without needing to jump from one page to another.


6. Video Enabled Landing Page


video enabled landing page


If you would want to turn the notch up on your design for the landing page, adding some video backgrounds could be just what you need. Having a video can give your audience a better chance to see more information with your business without having to rely on static texts and images. A major drawback to having videos though is that you would need a faster server to support the bandwidth of such heavy content.


7. Mobile Friendly Landing Page


mobile friendly landing page


It has been proven that more people are using their mobile devices to view the internet more so than their desktop counterparts, with this fact it is undeniable how important mobile view of your landing page is if you would want to have higher conversion rates. Luckily landing page templates nowadays are often than not to be mobile ready and requires only a few tweaks for it be usable on most website.


Choosing a landing page would be entirely be decided on what your business requires. Do you want it to be hip and out there? Would you want it to be in-lined with your social media platforms or would you want it to be engaging to your customers or clients? Whatever it is, just like in most design and marketing tactics, trying out a few and seeing which yields the most result is necessary for a determining the successful approach in converting your visitors to clients.