Ways on How to Promote Your Business Online


In today’s society, with the help of technological advancements such as computers, smartphone, the internet and the likes.  Ways on how to promote your business online have become easier at the same time cheaper.

Gone are the days one would need an immense amount of capital just to get started in the promotion.

As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the importance of having a high ranking in terms of search engine results page. Having a high ranking will ensure that your future clients will have an easier time searching for your sites.

There are a number of ways and tools one could use to promote your online business. Here are some cost-effective methods you could try for your business:


  • Blog Your Heart Out

    The simplest and one of the most effective way to market your business is through posting regularly high-quality contents.

    Use topics that entail information directly about your business.

    Use the blog as a way to communicate with your clients about the products or services you’re providing.

    You can also create blogs that give tips to them, a good trick to this is by the end of each blog post is to give an open-ended question to your readers, this would create intrigue to them and possible interest to your future posts.

  • Get Listed

    If you have a physical office it is a good idea to get your business listed on directories so that your clients could locate you faster.

    There loads of places to get your business listed on. We can begin with the Giant of search engines, Google.

    Google provides a directory service called Google My Business or GMB, it is an online listing of businesses that creates a listing of your business that could be viewed and accessed via google search or maps

  • Build Your Connections

    Build and develop your niche through professional social applications like LinkedIn, here you can join groups and discussions where you can post your own contents, making sure that the contents are of good quality.

    You can also interact with other members with co-interest and promote your business if a chance is given, be sure to give value to the actual conversation and not just use it as a ploy to share your business with them as this will not only display of your arrogance, but it will also destroy your reputation before it is even established.

    Besides LinkedIn, there are other professional platforms you could use to increase your connection, you can use these platforms to further aid you in your business promotion.

  • Use Online Ads

    While ads are not free it could be a great tool in reaching out to higher demography.

    Using strategically-targeted ads you can attract possible clients from almost any part of the world.

    A popular tool being used nowadays is Facebook Ad, Facebook is one of the most popular websites at the moment so it is no surprise you would want to place your ads in here to be seen by millions even billions of people.

    Though it sounds easy using Facebook ads will require a certain amount of planning and dedication to pull off, as it comes with a price it would be wise to be tactful in how you spend your budget for this.

  • Instagram Influencer

    Over the years Instagram has evolved from just being a place where people post and share pictures of events, family gatherings and the likes to a place where people post things that could inspire or encourage another.

    Being connected to an influencer can help in reaching out to a wider audience, but before going with this make sure that your influencer has a solid understanding of your brand, lest they might promote it in a way that endangers your business.

  • Collaborate

    Other than getting connected with an Instagram influencer, reaching out to popular bloggers is another way to help you promote your business online.

    Look for a blogger who writes on topics co-relating to your brand or services and let them do a guest blog on your site or you could also hire their service so that they could introduce your products to their followers.

  • E-Newsletters

    To further improve your client and business relations, sending updates and promos through the use of e-newsletter is one you can achieve this.

    Sending updates to your clients will indicate the activeness of your company, in turn, customers will gain more trust in your services and products.

  • Offer Free Product or Service to Customers

    Everyone likes free stuff, so why not offer a trial of your service or product to your customers?

    It has been proven that an individual responds more positively to free rather than minimal price giving you a higher chance of converting them to paying customers if they are satisfied with your product or services.


To tie this up, dominating searches in search engines would require years and years of promotion, link building and construction of company authority.

Remember that a large amount of effort is necessary to even get the tiniest of results especially true when trying to gain your reach in an organic method.

No matter what method and technique you chose to do for the promotion of your business as long as you are adding value and producing it in a quality fashion as well as making it a habit to use the proper ethical standards in online marketing, you will soon reap what you sow, it may not happen overnight, but then again what in life worth having ever comes easy?

Did any of these tips help? Let me know by sending me a message here, you can also email me directly at artbluck@gmail.com