ransomware a growing threat

Ransomware a Growing Threat to Cyber Security

  On the 12th of May 2017, cyberspace was placed into total turmoil as a new threat was discovered hijacking the system of small to large companies and organisations in over 100 different countries....

izombie fanart

iZombie TV Series [Fan Art]

I think I’ve started watching this show a year or so ago. How I stumbled upon it is kind of a blur, but I remember watching the first episode of it. Upon finishing the...

Elemental Series

A project I did in the past inspired by the four elements. This was done as more of a practice rather than an actual commission work, but I had fun doing it nonetheless.

Anatomy Study

/ This was written probably a couple of years ago while I was frustrated on the human anatomy and mind you I still am, but not as quiet as before. In fact, I actually like doing more studies...