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Inktober 0

Inktober 2017

Ahh… it’s the time of the year again—October has always been my favorite month probably due to my natural inclination to all things deemed weird and creepy, in this month though it is completely...


Road Trip To Bataan

The last 16th of September, 2017, me and my team, in the new company I’m working with, decided to take one of our managers on a tour in Bataan, seeing as it is her...

izombie fanart

iZombie TV Series [Fan Art]

I think I’ve started watching this show a year or so ago. How I stumbled upon it is kind of a blur, but I remember watching the first episode of it. Upon finishing the...

Elemental Series

A project I did in the past inspired by the four elements. This was done as more of a practice rather than an actual commission work, but I had fun doing it nonetheless.

Anatomy Study

/ This was written probably a couple of years ago while I was frustrated on the human anatomy and mind you I still am, but not as quiet as before. In fact, I actually like doing more studies...