Beginner’s Guide on How to Write a Blog


Hi! Glad to see you here! Want to learn how to write a blog?

We will be discussing here some of the tips and tricks you can follow to get started.

In the past, I have written an article discussing how to get a web hosting and how to set-up your site in it. In the case that you are new here, you can check out the article here.

If you no longer have any questions let’s get Meta and discuss the basics of building a blog with this blog! LOL

Blog is the word

First off before getting started in building your blog, you might want to know a little history of it.

Blogging isn’t a new fad as some may think, it has existed since the early ’90s, but during the time was just called as a personal homepage.

It wasn’t until 1997 that the term “Weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger.  At the time, it was meant to reflect the process of logging the web as one browse.

It was later on shortened by programmer Peter Merholz to just “blog” in 1999.

Comes the introduction of platforms like Live Journal and later on Blogger, that the blogging industry was finally able to spearhead its’ way into the mainstream.

WordPress steps into the scene.

2003 marks the year that WordPress was officially founded.

Although parts of its’ development date back to as early as 2001, with the existence of WP blogging.

It later became more accessible to different types of users.

It further increased dramatically the number of blogs and bloggers from just being thousands to millions.

During the time blogs were managed manually.

If you would need to update your site, you would have to archive it first and then publish a new one containing the updates.

Now you might be thinking, this is extensively time-consuming and such a tedious task, and you are right!

If one wanted to get into blogging back in the day they would need some basic to advance knowledge of programming for the web.

So it was understood during this time why only a few blogs exist.

Now in creating a blog, you can’t simply just jump into it without thinking first.

There are factors you would need to consider if you are truly serious in creating a truly inspired blog.

There is a long list that you might be able to stumble upon online, but let us generalize it to the list below:

Identify your passion

To be a blogger means dedicating a lot of your time in creating contents for your site. So naturally choosing a topic that you are most interested in is crucial.

Whether it may be in Art, Fashion, Gaming, Business, Cooking, etc.

Your chosen field must inspire you to keep creating fresh and informative contents for an extended amount of time.

Content is still king

What you write will be the bread and butter of your website. It will be the reason why users will visit your site in the first after all.

It is important to keep your content informative and truthful.

Always do your homework and research on the topics you wish to write upon.

Your blog will be a source of new info for someone so it is crucial that what you write are facts taken from a reliable source, nothing less nothing more.

Be ready mingle and socialize

As you dive in deeper into the world of blogging you will soon encounter other bloggers similar to yourself.

To have a better grasp of blogging you will need to interact with the ones who have a bit more knowledge.

There are several communities you could join online, Nuffnang is one of the more well-known community.

They offer gatherings and events that can aid beginners in finding their leverage to make it in the blogging world.

Make it fit

Responsive design is important especially now that most of your readers would more or less access to your blog through their hand-held devices.

Having a design that looks great on all platforms is just as crucial as the content itself.


We have discussed a brief history of blogging and how much it changed over time.

In learning how to write a blog you must remember that blogging is an art-form in itself and as with any art you must be fully passionate in your chosen topic.

You must also remember the general important factors to consider.

As you might discover, later on, blogging may not be for everyone. Though if you are truly dedicated to what you do chances are you will soon reap what you sow.


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